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Oct 3, 2021
InVideo is a video editor which lets you create high-quality videos without any editing experience. There are preconfigured templates to help you create content in less than five minutes. If you are an experienced editor and want to build videos from scratch, InVideo offers you a blank template. For individuals and brands who wish to add a unique touch to their videos, there are Premium templates that are available with InVideo.

InVideo also has the provision of automatically converting a blog post to a video. While many video editing tools offer this feature, InVideo has the best visual effects in text-to-video content.

In modern times, video content is created for several social media platforms. Each of them comes with a unique aspect ratio and video length specifications. InVideo has dedicated templates for each platform and video type. For example, you will find video templates for LinkedIn Newsfeed videos, Facebook Newsfeed Videos, Facebook Carousel Posts, Instagram Stories, etc.

With InVideo, you can create professional-quality videos that are suitable for your marketing needs. Unlike most of the advanced tools, InVideo has an interactive UI that smoothens the video creation journey. This is a cloud-based editor, and all changes that you make will be saved in real-time. Indeed, we can establish that InVideo is a game-changer in the world of video-making tools.